Laksiri Seva appointed as Sri Lankan Air Lines UPB Clearing partner

We have been in this industry of clearing UPB cargo for more than 35 years. Our continuous stay in the market has built the trust among our customers and suppliers. Un-accompanied personal baggage (UPB) clearing allows to clear goods for customers utilising their allowances. This is applicable when the sender and the receiver are same.

Laksiri Seva has been awarded to be the partner of Sri Lankan Airlines UPB cargo clearing Sri Lankan Airlines reported “With this appointment our customers anywhere in the world will have the choice of selecting Laksiri Seva as one of their UPB Handling Operators in Sri Lanka.”

UPB allotted to Laksiri Seva, carried on SriLankan Airlines from any destination to Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, Sri Lanka, will be collected by them, transported in Customs bonded vehicles, stored in their Warehouse in a safe and secure manner until it is cleared and handed over to the respective consignee or their authorized representatives. Their fully computerized & modernly equipped new Customs bonded warehouse covering a wide area of 35,000 Sq. ft. located at No. 66, New Nuge Road, Peliyagoda, will ensure a convenient and speedy cargo clearance environment.

We make partnerships with relevant and trusted organisations to bring your goods to your home safely. To make the clearing process as easy as possible we have invested in technology so the time spent to clear our customers’ cargo in our custom bonded warehouse is much quicker. This partnership with Sri Lankan Air Lines will greatly assist both Sri Lankan Airlines’ and Laksiri Seva customers who can send their goods from anywhere in the world to Sri Lanka.

Which items are cleared under duty free allowences

Laksiri Seva warehouses are customs bonded warehouse meaning to clear your goods you only have to visit our warehouse where the customs officers are in our premises to complete all your clearing process in an easy and transparent way.

You should be aware that sending anything other than personal use items may end up being marked as dutieable item so its always better to know what you send to be cleared using your available allowences. Following guidelines give you an insight into what is involved in this process.


  • When the sender and receiver is the same person they will be considered as un-accompanied personal baggage(UPB) and may be cleared under the duty free allowances. Otherwise they may be treated as gifts and duty will be charged.
  • Goods for the private use except goods in commercial quantities are allowed under the duty free allowances. List of permissible articles are list in this link.
  • You are required to be present with your passport at the respective UPB warehouse for the clearance of baggage. You may authorize someone in writing to clear the baggage in your absence. In such case you need to send your passport with the assignee.
  • If you want to leave the country prior to the clearance of your UPB baggage, you need to authorize someone to that effect on a “Power of Attorney” before your departure. You need to forward the power of attorney to the duty officer of the Customs at the departure terminal of the Air Port. The officer will endorse the available allowance in the Power of Attorney and you need to hand it over to the person authorized by you. Once the baggage is available for clearance, your authorized person can present himself with the Power of Attorney and claim the baggage.The power of Attorney should be registered in the Registrar General’s Department of Sri Lanka  or any branch office prior to submit the same to the Airport Duty Officer.
  • Items not listed under the baggage article list may require special permission from different government authorities. such as
  • – Import & Export Control Department (Import Control License)
    – Sri Lanka Standard Institute(SLSI)
    – Telecommunication Regulatory Commission(TRC)
    – Cosmetics Devices and Drugs Authority(CDDA)
    – Ministry of Defence(MoD)
    – Food Department
    – Plant/Animal Quarantine Services, etc.